$42 is all it takes for a child to experience the power of a hope

Be a champion today and help us encourage a child so they can be more hope filled

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Hope is our children’s window for a better tomorrow

Did you know hope is linked to your ability to solve problems, overcome adversity, and can ultimately have more to do with your success than your college degree?

Recent research indicates that hope has a greater impact than just a positive outlook on life. Higher hope is consistently related to better outcomes in academics, athletics, physical health, psychological adjustment, and psychotherapy.

Hopeful students see the future as better than the present, and believe they have the power to make it so. These students are energetic and full of life. They are able to develop many strategies to reach goals and plan contingencies in the event that they are faced with problems along the way. As such, obstacles are viewed as challenges to overcome and are bypassed by garnering support and/or implementing alternative pathways.

The Pure Game Sports Based Youth Development programing allows our Field Champions to be the positive rolemodel who can demonstrate the traits needed to be hope-filled. Through the power of positive words and encouragement we are able to increase the child's confidence and self-esteem so they can believe in themselves and the possibilities of a brighter future.